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The Imose IM10i is a desktop GSM dual sim phone with 4G LTE and Wifi internet sharing capabilities. Through its in-built hotspot, it can provide internet connection from its 4G sim port to 10 different devices. With the IM10i 4G LTE desktop GSM phone, you don’t need an internet modem or router in your office or home as the phone will provide high speed internet service to your Smart phones, Tablets, Laptops and other smart devices. It’s 4G connectivity works smoothly with all 4G GSM Networks.

The IM10i spots a large proprietary lithium based battery that allows you talk endlessly on a single charge. The battery comes with a 7 days standby time after charging and allows you uninterrupted talk time of several hours.

Now you can be sure of receiving calls in the poorest network zones through the Imose IM10i Omnidirectional antenna that picks up the faintest GSM signals. The IM10i provides conference call capabilities and its menu driven interface allows you enjoy smooth conference calling with up to six different callers.

Wireless FM radio capability on the IM10i ensures you are fully in touch with the world around you. Large speakers on the IM10i ensure crystal clear listening experience on speaker mode calls or FM radio programs. The IM10i also offers SMS, Voice mail, Caller ID display, Missed call, Received call, Dialed call and Call duration, Volume adjustable, Choice of ring tones, Daily alarm and Backlight LCD with status icons.


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