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Lontor 16 inches Rechargeable Water Mist Fan – CTL-CF046R – Lontor Cooling fan is a cooling device that offers you fresh air and has proved to be very reliable during hot weather conditions. It has three airflow mode that blows air at a very high speed to keep a big room well ventilated and cool all day long. The air cooler works very well for a crowded room like an event hall, conference room and church. No more feeling uncomfortable because of heat waves as the room or hall is choky. It is very powerful, rugged and so easy to control as it comes with button controls, castor wheel ice and a chamber that allows for more cooling with 30-liter water tank capacity for effective cooling. Get the perfect cooling solution that easily rolls from room to room to keep your office or house conducive.

The air cooler from lontor mist fan is very efficient as it shoots a stream of air at about 55 square meters through the oscillating louvers to distribute refreshing cool air It has low energy consumption thus reducing your electricity bill as it allows you to save both on running cost and helps in protecting the environment by not emitting toxic substances that would have adverse effect to anybody’s health. Having this in your home or at the hostel will make you enjoy fresh air when sleeping and it comes with a low noise feature that will make you have a blissful rest.


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