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Lontor Rechargeable Fan Ctl-cf046r 16 inch Colour Multicolour Warranty Period 1 Year Brand Lontor Fan Speed 3 speed 16 INCHES RECHARGEABLE MIST FAN, COMES WITH REMOTE CONTROL, BRIGHT LED LIGHT, WATER STORAGE FOR MIST FUNCTION. IT LAST LONG. The Lontor Mist Rechargeable Fan is a unique fan designed to use water to make the air from the fan cooler. This provides you the coolness of air conditioner. The good thing is that it is rechargeable and it keeps supplying you with cooler air even when there is an interruption of electricity. With its 12V 4800mAh rechargeable battery you are assured of up to 4-25hours of comfort when fully charged and depending on the speed level. You are assured also of longevity and durability of this product because of your trusted brand, Lontor. This fan has 9 speed levels which gives you the convenience of selecting your preferred wind speed as per requirement. The mist function helps in giving the room more coolness by reducing the humidity of the room and moist that drives away dust as it blows round the room. It also has the USB function and port with which you can charge your phones and gadgets. Your rechargeable fan comes with a remote that can be used to control wind speed, power, timmer and other functions.


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