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This 93 Liters compact  Midea Fridge is designed for the kitchen low on space; it is the perfect solution for kitchen, office, and rooms. It occupies the same market segment as the LG131 and Haier Thermocool HR-107R6.  With its 92Liters capacity,  the Midea HS-121L Refrigerator is suitable for kitchen use, offering a 92-liter capacity for storage of your food items, drinks, and more. The Midea HS-121L is a reversible single door refrigerator and comes with several features. It comes with a separate freezer compartment where you can put your food and soup; this is just a different compartment inside the fridge as this is a single door refrigerator. The separate freezer compartment allows you to arrange your food and drink items in a manner that will be neat and easy to retrieve


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