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A ‘soak’ program is integrated into the wash timer, which offers up to 20 minutes soaking and pre-washing time for heavily stained laundries.

Different from traditional pulsator, Syinix’ pulsator is with higher ribs to stir the water flow, combining with powerful motor output, much improves washing performance.

This twin-tub washing machine has Gentle & Normal washing programs, each program was well designed to have powerful scrubbing yet less tearing and winding to the laundries

Water inlet to spinning tub helps to rinse laundries away from detergent residues, improve washing performance and reduce water consumption.

This twin-tub washing machine only adopts branded motor , to ensure a long-lasting stable power output.


Pure-copper washing motor with thermal protection, effectively prevent stall, rust, burn and other hidden dangers.

Syinix Washing machine only use first-class new authentic plastic material (PP—Sumitomo Japan; ABS– LG Chemical Korea) to build every piece of the machine, helping to sustain the product’s appearance and prolong its lifespan.


It has a greater adaptability of the voltage fluctuations, which enables it to work in the range of 187-250V.  Design  for low power supply area.


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